About this Mommy Blogger

On November 1, 2011, in my bedroom in our house in Ashland, OH, my life changed. That day, I became a mommy, and that change in my life has been a catalyst for questioning what it means to be a mother, a Christian, a wife, and a member of this world, not just an American.
Every story has a main character, and in this case, that's probably my son, King Squishy. But since this is my blog, I am the main supporting actress, and so, who I am influences not only my blog, but the stories within.
I am a graduate of Arizona State University, having received my B.S. in Family and Human Development. I recently graduated with my M.A. in Practical Theology in Pastoral Care and Counseling. The knowledge I have obtained in these fields bears heavily on who I am, having provided me a basis in critical thinking as well as professional knowledge in the dynamics of the family, and the understanding of the Bible and Jesus' bearing on this unit.
I have been married for 6 and a half years-crazy! I feel old saying that. The old part is not really true as I got married at 19 years old. Perhaps some people questioned my choice, but I have never looked back and know that growing up while being a married woman has shaped me.
So, I hope you enjoy reading my stories, hearing my thoughts and conversing with me in this online medium. I hope we can become friends as we learn from one another and share parenting journeys. My family is constantly teasing me for having too many opinions, so beware, this blog is my outlet for such ideas.

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