Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birth Story-Part 6

Contractions were pretty intense now and so David would press my hips or one hip and my back during each contraction. Each one would come like two waves, first a longer more intense contraction, followed by a more mild one. As I felt each one rise and ebb, I was comforted each time I made it through the stronger one, knowing that even the lighter contraction was a relief in comparison. And then I would get a full break to sleep a little more.
The contractions were so strong I really wanted to reenter the birthing tub. Strategically, I made the move between contractions. Then, while I rode out each contraction again in the tub, David would lean over the pool to push on my hips and back during contractions. I was in a hands and knees position with my hands and head leaning against the side of the pool. At this point in time all I could do was just ride the contractions and concentrate on them. They were tough and I was definitely thinking I wanted relief and I appreciated the time in between them greatly.
A little before 2 am, I started to feel a little urge to push during contractions and so I had David call Tricia up. Since David had not had much of a dinner, after she came up he got so hungry that he went downstairs to get a little food. Tricia took over pushing on my hips and back. David came back up soon (although I later found out he was gone almost a half hour-I thought it was only five minutes) and then I was ready to push. Pushing is a feeling that I cannot completely express. It is definitely comparable to feeling the need to poop but it’s so much more.   It is like you are horribly constipated and are pushing with all your might to get it out without regard to injuring yourself. Yet in this situation, you know you won’t hurt yourself so you just give it everything you have. The intensity of each push is like when you see a cartoon character get shocked and their hands and feet flail out uncontrollably and they shake like an earthquake just went through their body . You just have to do it with your entire body, concentrated into that one area and that one task.

What did pushing feel like to you?

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