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The passion for this blog is inspired by my amazing son. His birth and life have revolutionized who I am and how I think about the world and my family's place within it. In a way, he has inspired me to re-build my household.
As a follower of Jesus, my mothering is in all ways influenced by this relationship. And knowing that my husband and I, as King Squishy's parents, are his first representation of Jesus to him, I seek to consider each parenting decision in light of this love. This has led my husband and I to decide that attachment parenting is vital to establishing a close, loving relationship with our son. And because of this, we co-sleep with him, baby wear, and I breast feed him, and intend to until he chooses to stop.
We also use baby led weaning in our approach to solids with him, knowing that this sets a stage for allowing him to make more important decisions for his own life. We cloth diaper him, both for the betterment of our planet and for the safety of our son.
Thus, this blog is our crazy journey. It is our journey towards becoming the best, albeit flawed parents we can be. It is a journey of destroying the bricks of established patterns and instead Building My House from the ground up. My hope and prayer is that it might be an encouragement to another parent who is questioning the way things are "normally" done here in America, giving them the courage to make the decisions that are best for their family.

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