Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birth Story-Part 5

Throughout my labor thus far David and I had exchanged comments about not being thrilled about the idea of King Squishy's birthday being Halloween (which is the day that I went into labor on). It wasn’t that we hated Halloween, but it seemed like such an ugly day to be born on. David didn’t want to wish a longer labor on me though, so his was a half hearted wish. When we finally reached midnight, David proceeded to tell me it was time to have the baby.
Since my labor had seemed to be progressing a little slower than Tricia thought it should, she  told me to stay out of the water for awhile and encouraged me to try some standing and squatting positions in order to use gravity to help progress further. I really hated being out of the tub and hated the “sitting on the toilet position” during contractions the most.The toilet seemed to multiply the intensity of each contraction. This was a really difficult part of my labor. I was tired and much less comfortable being in these positions. David later recounted that he started crying, seeing me in so much pain but he did not want to let on and upset me more so he tried to hide it from me. I however remember hearing it in his voice.
    By this point I desperately wanted to lay down but hesitated to mention this desire thinking Tricia would suggest against it. Much to my relief, she replied that laying on my left side for awhile would be a great idea. So, Tricia and David helped me lay on the bed with a pillow in between my legs. I had prepared for birth with Hypnobirthing but had not really listened to the CD’s until this point. Truly, I do not even remember hearing them during labor, but I remember them being put on. It must have helped though because I started falling asleep in between contractions. I remember waking after a contraction, thinking, how in the world am I falling asleep in between these things!

What were your favorite positions during labor? For multiple mamas, were they the same or different in subsequent labors?


  1. Seriously? You're.gonna.leave us.hanging

  2. I tried to leave you a comment yesterday but I must have done something wrong! You are a gifted writer, Sarah! I love hearing your birth story again but I can't take the suspense!! Bring on King Squishy!! (I love the name too!)

  3. Thanks for the compliment about my writing abilities, Candace. As for the suspense, I learned from my novelist mom in law, that you got to keep them coming back...ha! Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.