Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birth Story Part 2

We went home and called our midwife Tricia. I described what was happening and she said that she believed that I was in labor and encouraged me to either get some rest or do something to pass the time. Two thoughts went through my head at this time; one, there is no food in the house and two, since I’m not really in labor, I might as well go to the grocery store.
We had plans to go grocery shopping the next day but since I might be in labor, we better do it now. Being the stubborn woman I am, I decided I would rather go to a grocery store farther away (15 minute drive), instead of the grocery store only five minutes away, because I did not want to run into anyone I knew while I might be in labor.
As David and I got ready to go to the grocery store, I decided I had better put a super heavy pad on and put a Depends in my purse-after all the stories of water breaking I had heard, I knew I had better be prepared (I hope you’re getting the gist that I like to control my life by now). While at the grocery store I would say I managed fairly well. I did have to stop as I felt a contraction coming on and then when I felt it fading away I would hurry onto the next task, feeling the urgency to get out of the store.  As I was beginning to really not be able to handle the contractions with a straight face, we finally finished our shopping trip. I wanted to stop by one other store real quick though, as I really wanted some dark chocolate covered raisins for my after labor treat. I was no longer feeling up to going into the store, so I sent David in and waited in the car.
While I waited and experienced a couple more contractions, I began to talk with my King Squishy.  “We need to work together,” I told him, “we are going to do great.” Maybe I was starting to believe that I would really be meeting my baby boy soon.
When we got home, I lied down and we timed the contractions again. They were coming about 4 and a half minutes apart but were only about 40 seconds long. We called Tricia, our midwife and she said she would come over. While we waited for Tricia, Daddy (I think this marks a transition point-no longer referring to my husband as David, but as Daddy) went running throughout the house to get everything ready for delivery. He had to move the bed and furniture in our bedroom so we had room for the birthing tub. We also changed the sheets and put on the plastic cover. Unfortunately because we did all this prep work, David never really got dinner (he regretted this dearly at 1:30 in the morning). However we had various foods that we got at the grocery store for munching-like fruit and crackers, so we all munched on those things. Unfortunately for me, I got to enjoy my munchies twice as right before Tricia arrived, I threw up.

What did you do when you finally realized you were in labor?

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