Thursday, February 21, 2013

King Squishy's Cute Booty

     I don't think you can argue with the fact that a cute cloth covered baby booty is way more adorable than a disposable covered tush. I mean they make diaper covers to cover up disposable diaper butts. And I totally agree. I love letting King Squishy run around without pants (sometimes without a diaper too, but that would void our discussion about his cute cloth diapered butt). Since I live in Arizona, he can do this almost year round. While he loves being pant-less, I love seeing the cute colors of his diapers on that tiny tushy.
     So, what is King Squishy's butt decorated with? Most of the time we use Oh Katy's. While I was pregnant, I did a ton of research, as is my way, and concluded that Oh Katy's were right for our baby. I liked the idea of a pocket diaper the best. It seemed to be the best of all worlds. It had the flexibility of adding as many or as few inserts as needed. It was an OS (one size), so hopefully would last us as long as possible, maybe for the entire diapering experience of the King.
     There are a variety of pocket diapers so why an Oh Katy? Well, I read a lot of reviews from other Mama's and this diaper was said to be quite versatile-good for chunky or thinner babies. A lot of reviews said that unlike other OS's, it actually would fit a newborn and not be too large. It also is unique in that the pocket opens to the front instead of the rear. The advantage to this being, if you accidentally touch some excrement, it's the pee and not the poo.
     So, after using this diaper for over a year, what do I still think of it. I love the front pocket, instead of rear. While it is made to fit from birth to potty training, I do think the diaper was too large when Squishy was a wee baby. He was born at 7 lbs., 2 oz, and weighed as little as 6 lbs., 13 oz. While it didn't leak because of that, he got some red marks on his legs that looked uncomfortable. So, next baby I think I will plan on using some newborn fitted diapers before moving into the Oh Katy's. I also wish the diaper came in different patterns instead of just a variety of colors. So, his booty could be even cuter.
    This isn't the only diapering system we utilize however. After King Squishy was a few months old, I got a great deal on some prefolds and covers. While I always thought I wouldn't like this old school diapering system, I loved the ease of washing this one thin piece of fabric and being able to often reuse the covers. This became my diaper of choice until Squishy started wiggling during diaper changes. Then we switched back to using the Oh Katy's most frequently.
     Around this time we also found the wool love for night time. We had a lot of trouble figuring out how to prevent night leaking. We would think we had finally put enough inserts into a night time diaper, only to have a leaky night. When we discovered using a wool diaper cover with a prefold and two extra inserts, we finally found our leak proof night time diapering system.
     Both of these transitions gave us a huge respect for Thirsties diapers. We used the medium size Thirsties diaper covers and also used the Thirsties inserts. The medium size Thirsties diaper covers fit terrifically, have a double gusset to catch poop at the legs, and fit for a very wide range of sizes. He started using them around 4 months and they still fit great with space to spare now. The Thirsties inserts were also super absorbent, which we loved. However, their great absorption made them difficult to dry, so we switched to the Thirsties size 2 prefolds. Same fabric, when folded, same thickness and quick and easy to dry.
     So, that's the basics to our diapering system. Questions? Please ask. I just did a brief overview but there is a lot of thought and practice behind decorating my little one's cute tushy.
Want more info on Oh Katy's and Thirsties'? Here's their websites:


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