Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birth Story Part 8-Plus a Special Bonus at the End

Then Tricia, her assistant, Mary and David helped me get out of the tub and lay on the bed. Moving at that point in time was truly painful. All the numbness that God had graced my bottom side with was now gone and wow! I laid back in bed and held King Squishy for a little while and then David took him so I could concentrate on delivering the placenta. I was having trouble delivering the placenta. I really no longer had any feelings of needing to push and so they brought King Squishy back to nurse to try to stir some contractions to help the placenta come out.
They gently pulled on the cord some. It hurt to do so and I asked them not to do it. Eventually they gave me a homeopath to help encourage delivery. Tricia told me to hold the homeopathic liquid under my tongue in my mouth for ten minutes and then swallow but I thought she said to leave it in as long as I could- guess I was a little tired. When I finally  swallowed it, I delivered the placenta soon after. They still pulled on the umbilical cord to help it come out. It had taken a little over an hour to deliver and my midwives Tricia and Mary were a little worried that we might have to go to the hospital. I luckily was unaware of this concern- I didn’t even realize how much time had passed.
When the placenta finally came out, it definitely hurt but it was just one quick instance of pain as it slipped out. I was just so sore that any movement hurt at that time. It was about half the size of King Squishy and they said it was a smaller placenta than normal. The size of my placenta was actually said as a compliment as it indicated good nutrition and an ability to work efficiently. After delivering the placenta, a feeling of relief flooded me- I was so glad to really have it all over.
We had planned to wait until placental delivery to cut the cord but since it took so long we cut it once the cord stopped pulsing. The cord felt so thick and slimy.
It is still crazy to me that I have a baby-actually, a toddler now! It is definitely more real now though, and I AM IN LOVE! It is amazing how in love you can be with your baby, especially when it seems so surreal that you have him. I don’t want to let him out of my sight and I want to hold him all the time. I don’t know how anyone could not co-sleep with their baby- I couldn’t let him be that far away from me for so long Nursing didn’t take as naturally as I thought it would but that’s a story for another post.
Check below for a special share. One of my favorite part's of reading birth stories before having King Squishy was seeing the first picture of mom meeting baby, so while it is a little risque, I wanted to share my special moment with you.

Warning: Below is a picture of right after Josiah was born. It has been edited for propriety's sake but I don't want to shock anyone.

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